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29 March 2018 @ 11:39 pm
I'm hoping that somebody can help me! My dearest laptop has crashed and taken with it some old fic I'd saved a long time ago - mostly, the pre-2017 fandoms which I hadn't put on a hard drive. I was wondering if anybody could send me some fics from a few classic authors while I try to rebuild my archive!

I'm looking for:

  • mrs_nott/pasdexcuses's fics

  • smiles1777/smiles

  • hitlikehammers

  • heygirlfriends/fledmusic

  • venus_aurea/reworking

  • your bed's too big for the room it's in by womance

And if anybody has anything they think I'd forgotten? I'm currently looking through the comms to see what's broken and what isn't... I'm pretty heartbroken about TSN in particular because I had been saving fic from day one, so I always felt like I had managed to save everything and now it's all gone ;_;

My email is switchingshoes@gmail.com - I appreciate ANY fic anybody can send my way, even if it isn't the above.
20 March 2018 @ 07:28 pm


I'm looking for stories by pailette & oflights. Any will do really but I remember "Adverb or flight" being my favourite (pailette) and I'd love it if I could find it somewhere. But any fic from the aforementioned authors will do, especially looking for pailette fic. My e-mail is semicircles89 at gmail.com. Thank you in advance x

01 September 2017 @ 08:39 pm

Hello my beloveds! Wouldn't you just give anything if this fandom still existed actively? GOD ME TOO. I think I'd still be pounding out fic (omg I actually still have two in my drafts and I sometimes noodle away on them.) WE SHOULD HAVE ANOTHER BIG BANG don't you wish? And invite everyone back as a reunion? God, let's do it, right??

IN THE MEANTIME I too am looking for some fic from oflights and it breaks my heart it's not online anymore. Specifically, I'm interested in Mulligan (all-time classic favorite) They Smash Up In The Sky (obviously!) and Perfect Situation, which I feel like not enough people acknowledge as a brilliant, hot-as hell slow-build wonderpiece but if you just have a file with everything, I'll obviously take that too. You can email them to me at fairy.tale.echo at gmail.com

Love y'all, this fandom was seriously one of the best things in my life, kept me going in a dark time, and all the love for my fic really inspired me to write and dream and just, yeah. <3 always.

Anyone have copies of hitlikehammers & smiles1777 tsn stories. I'm not picky.

More specific:

pailette: nonadversarial option
oflights: pictures of success
pasdexcuses: Oxalá
slippery-fish: Something opens, I hear it cringe

My email: otheliemoor@gmail.com
hi! i'm looking for skeptical (with a side of cynicism) by amagiciansgrace, aka the chuck au that was written for the 2013 big bang??? if anyone happens to have it, you can reply here or message me or email me at pantomimepolarbear@gmail.com!
29 June 2017 @ 10:32 pm
So who knows if anyone even checks this community anymore but I'm desperate
I'm trying to find this one fic - it's set in Harvard!Era from what I remember and relatively long. I think a relationship develops between Mark and Eduardo and it's from Eduardo's POV (though still 3rd person). It's pretty angsty and near the end, there's the scene with the pool scene and Mark attempting to get Eduardo to change his mind in order to save him and stop the dilutions but Eduardo doesn't catch the hints that Mark wants him to stay in Palo Alto. I think it ends with Wardo finding out about the dilutions, numb and removed, and then Mark calls him about how he was right about Sean, but Wardo hangs up mid-sentence?
I don't really know, not a lot to go off of lol but pls help <3
29 January 2017 @ 10:26 am
Hi! I know there's a post down below about oflight's fic but just in case anyone can see better if I make a new post, would anyone have saved downloads? Please send to me at lookingforfic@gmail.com. Thank you!
13 March 2016 @ 10:33 pm

i am looking for the fic called "everybody knows you cradle the sun" in which Eduardo is bigender. I was wondering if anyone has it saved or a functional link?

12 December 2015 @ 02:59 pm
I was wondering if anyone happened to save a copy of Oxala by mrs_nott on the tsn kink meme. I know there was an edited version posted under the pasdexcuses LJ, but I see it has been deleted. If anyone does have it, could you please contact me, and I can give you my email? Thanks!
04 December 2015 @ 01:49 am
idek if anyone checks here anymore but what happened to oflights' fics? is there no way to read them anymore :(